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pouzivanie Vcelobalu a starostlivost


How to properly use Waxopacks


Crumple the Waxopack and warm it with the warmth of your hands; thanks to the wax layer it can easily adapt to any shape. It keeps food fresh for longer and sticks easily to a bowl or cup.

spravne pouzivanie vcelobalov

After use, rinse the Waxopack with lukewarm water or use an ecological detergent and a soft sponge. After washing, just let it dry or wipe with a cloth.

spravne pouzivanie vcelobalov

Do not wash the Waxopack with hot water, do not put it in the oven, microwave, dishwasher or expose it to direct sunlight. Wax is a good helper, but it doesn't need much convincing to burn.


The Waxopack is not suitable for packing raw meat and blue cheese. Use a different ecological packaging for such raw materials.

What foods is WAXOPACK ideal for?



The Waxopack is ideal for packing fresh bread and pastries. The pastry will breathe, unlike in a paper bag, it will not dry but will retain its freshness even on the fifth day.


Small fruits

It is also helpful in collecting raspberries, blackberries and other small healthy crops, as it is easily shaped into various shapes of pockets or cones.



You can use it to pack already chilled processed meat. However, it is not suitable for fresh meat, which is better to be stored in another organic container.



Waxopack is suitable for packing cheeses that do not swell but retain their fresh taste. The exception is blue cheese, which will be better stored in another organic package.


Fruits and vegetables

When cooking, we often do not consume the whole food. Waxopack will not let pieces of fruit or vegetables dry out, thanks to which they will not lose their taste and freshness even after a few days.


Fermentation and baking

It is ideal for covering dough, kombucha or fermented vegetables that need to breathe a little.


How to properly care

for Waxopack?

You don't have to worry that the Waxopack absorbs the smell of food, just ventilate it. Dirt is also not a problem, a gentle rinse in lukewarm water without an abrasive sponge will help keep the packaging clean. In cold water, the wax creates a solid surface that is easy to wash. After washing, do not crumple the Waxopack, but wipe with a cloth or let it dry like any other dish. With proper care, Waxopack will last you more than a year, and it can be easily "rewaxed/renewed" in every household.

If you need more information or have specific questions, click on Questions and answers or contact us.

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